'opengl' problem

  mogwai 20:43 09 Jan 04

a friend of mine is trying to get mohaa to work on his pc but keeps getting a fault msg saying 'could not run opengl subsystem', Im not entirely sure but reading various threads on the subject it seems as though xp could be the culprit and not as i had suspected, his graphics card??
But not knowing too much about this sort of thing wonder if anyone could shed some light on the subject. Hes going to get a new graphics card if we cant find any other explanation for the problem, i dont want him shelling out the money though if its a different problem....... hes got a SiS 300 card by the way.

  A Cat Called George 21:01 09 Jan 04

Try installing the latest drivers for the graphics card. If this does not work it may be the graphics card and drivers do not provide support for the version of OpenGL required by the game, in which case perhaps he does need a more upto date card.

  mogwai 21:16 09 Jan 04

yeh weve tried updating the drivers for the card but everything seems to be in order there. Ive got an old 16mb nvidia card, but i guess this is a bit dated now and wouldnt be any good for games like mohaa and the like so i guess a new card is in order. Ill leave this thread open a while longer, see if anyone has got anymore thoughts on the subject :-)

  woodchip 21:19 09 Jan 04

A Cat Called George....... as got it right it's the Graphics that's out of date

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