OpenBitCoin error on startup

  wildhouse 22 Sep 12

Hi I downloaded a program to download a music file. It didn't work so I uninstalled it. However now on start-up I keep getting the error message C:\ProgramData\OpenBitCoin\poclbm\poclbm.exe.log. Anyone know how to get rid of it? (I have run Malwarebytes)

  wildhouse 22 Sep 12

Should have added: Could not be opened: [Errno13]Permission denied:

  wildhouse 23 Sep 12

Hi Thanks for that - unticking it has got rid of it. However, the computer is just over a year old and I've never seen that appear before. Is it something I should be worried about? (I am currently having another problem with my Dell Inspiron in that it tries to load (it gets as far as the Windows logo) and then I just get a grey screen (it has been suggested it could be the monitor but sometimes if I press control+alt+delete I briefly get the little circle denoting it's trying). This happened several months ago whilst still under warranty and Dell remoted in and decided it wasn't anything to do with the hardware. I eventually got it going again by starting in safe mode and returning to a restore point.

  jkitts 24 Sep 12

Check in the start menu for the program name, then look for an uninstaller there. Failing that, check in the control panel for add/remove.

  wildhouse 25 Sep 12

Hi Have only tried starting it in basic safe mode as don't know what safe mode with networking is. There are no yellow exclamation marks next to any of the hardware. It did have the dreadful McAfee on it when I got it, but I uninstalled that immediately as I have had problems with that before. I wonder if there an inherent problem with my computer - ever since I have had it it has frequently duplicated files, particularly media files, so despite constantly deleting I frequently end up with 3 or more of the same music file. Never really liked Windows 7! Have had the blank screen problem again since first posting - this time there was only one restore point to choose from.


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