open word excel in file

  awest3 12 Mar 12

I have office 2010. I'd like word/excel to open in the file screen rather than the home screen. Can I do this ?

  Woolwell 12 Mar 12

Don't think that it is possible.

  Diemmess 12 Mar 12

Agree with Woolwell

You can of course make desktop shortcuts to a few files say particular documents or worksheets, if all you want is fast access to a particular file.

Clearly this is not an answer if you want to keep a comprehensive and very long long list of files.

  awest3 12 Mar 12

I have a list of about 9 files I mostly use so thought it would be better to open in file rather than home. It was worth a shot. Thanks for the replies.

  Woolwell 12 Mar 12

W7 jump list is very good for that.

  Zak 12 Mar 12

I have Win 7 and MS Office 2010 and both excel and word documents open in File screen.

Do you save your documents in the file screen mode?

I'll search my settings and see if I can come up with something.

  Zak 12 Mar 12

Sorry awest3 I was just having a senior moment; my comments above are rubbish!! My documents also default to Home on opening.

  awest3 13 Mar 12

i'll have a look at jump lists.. thanks

  compumac 13 Mar 12

If I am reading your requirements - You want to view specific Word OR Excel filenames and then open them in the appropriate programme, - I have about a dozen Word and Excel files that I use all the time using shortcuts on the desktop and then click on the required shortcut to open the specified file. - or am I misunderstanding as to what you want?

  awest3 14 Mar 12

Hi, Thanks for this.

I'd just like word 2010 to open in 'File' rather than 'Home'. This way I can see all my recently used docs and just click on them to open.

I don't really want shortcuts on my desktop for them.

Its not a major issue as its only one click to switch to File.

I just thought it would be a simple thing to do...does not look like it though.

  Woolwell 14 Mar 12

I think that they named the tab as Home is a clue as to their intentions as to the start point.


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