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  gel 10 Feb 13

If I want to use the option 'open with' for a file in xp windows there are listed all the possibilities that are loaded in the machine I have the same programs loaded in my windows 7 computer but I am given very limited options I would like to open a microsoft works processor which I can do with winwows xp but not with windows 7 although Microsoft works is loaded on my windows 7 machine Any thoughts please gel

  lotvic 10 Feb 13

I presume you mean works .wps word processor file. Are you not given an option to browse for a program to open with?

Why not open Word Processor and then open the file from within it.

If you want w7 to associate .wps with word processor then you have to make works word processor the default program for all .wps files.

  gel 10 Feb 13

Thank you lotvic That was quick I will give your suggestion a try and if I may come back if I have a problem Thank you gel

  rdave13 10 Feb 13
  gel 10 Feb 13

It works lotvic I have been working on this problem most of the day Your suggestion works for works processor and works spread sheets

I have used the option of opening the program and seeing the files from there

Perhaps I should have asked the question earlier but I do like to find a solution myself if possible I am very grateful Have a gold star gel

  lotvic 10 Feb 13

thank you gel, this should also be useful :)

How to Set or Change File Associations in Windows 7

Open the "Start" button and click the "Default Programs" shortcut. Click the "Set Associations" option.

Scroll down the list to find the file extension you want to change. Click it to select it.

Click the "Change program" button. Click the program you want to use to open the file. If the program doesn't appear, click the "Browse" button to find it. Click "OK" to set the file association.

Now when you double click a file it will open the program you have set for it.


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