Open port

  Robbiecollie 16:19 12 Dec 04

I wonder if anyone can help me have just done a scan my ports at shields up and am informned that port 80 is open all the rest are in stealth mode is this safe or is there an easy way to close it

  Valvegrid 17:27 12 Dec 04

Port 80 is used by your browser to access the internet, if you close it you won't be able to use the internet. This gives more info: click here

  Zak 18:25 12 Dec 04

Just checked Shields Up! and probed my Port 80 and it is stealthed. Same for Ports 81, 82, 443, 8080,8090.

In fact full All Service Test shows all my Ports as Stealthed.

So it can be stealthed. I am using ZA, which firewall are you using Robbiecollie?

  TommyRed 18:28 12 Dec 04

I went to ShieldsUp this morning and found that I needed to change to 'Normal' setting as I had 'allowed all' and my port 139 was open. After the change passed the test with flying colours. Just checked my port 80 from Valvegrid's link and it was stealthed. I'm using free 'Sygate' firewall on XP home. HTH TR

  ACOLYTE 18:28 12 Dec 04

Mine is also stealthed only 1 that wasnt was 135 witch it said cannot be closed,still would like to know how to hide it tho ,it doesnt say.

  Valvegrid 19:07 12 Dec 04

I've just tried mine and its stealthed.

When I turn the fire wall off it says its closed.

I supposed its stelthed till the browser operates then it opens to let traffic in.

  Robbiecollie 10:54 13 Dec 04

I am have norton internet security 2004 installed
have tried every thing no luck

  Robbiecollie 16:41 13 Dec 04

I realy need to know how to stealth this port all other ports are in stealth mode

  Zak 20:30 13 Dec 04

Please check out this thread:

click here

  ACOLYTE 20:35 13 Dec 04

Well if you port 135 is close tell me how you did it cos on shields up site it says it cant be closed.

  Valvegrid 20:55 13 Dec 04

Mine's stealthed:

click here

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