open office spellcheck is english USA

  johnnyrocker 20:00 29 Sep 10

i can alter the spellcheck language to english UK but it always seems to revert to USA how can one change this?


  Nontek 20:24 29 Sep 10

Perhaps you have been changing Language via Windows Control Panel, rather than by Open Office>Tools>Options ....

  Nontek 20:25 29 Sep 10

Or maybe even Vice-Versa .....

  Woolwell 20:39 29 Sep 10

Tools - Options - Languages - then under default languages for documents make sure English UK is selected with the abc thing to the left of it.

  johnnyrocker 22:06 29 Sep 10

tried that settings but no use and it is open office and not pc settings


  Woolwell 22:21 29 Sep 10

That was for Open Office.

Also open language and check what is set there.

  Nontek 22:24 29 Sep 10

This is what I meant by Open Office>Tools>Options ...

click here

  Woolwell 22:26 29 Sep 10

That's what I described at my 20:39 post.

  iscanut 22:41 29 Sep 10

Have you checked under Language and then writing aids and edit these to ensure English UK is ticked ?

  johnnyrocker 12:03 30 Sep 10

i am not thick as appears suggested and i tried all of those


  johnnyrocker 12:09 30 Sep 10

checked under writing aids as suggested and is ok, but in settings the user interface has USA as default and it does not appear changeable.


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