Open in New Window - Size Matters

Windows XP Home Edition, ver. 2002
Internet Explorer ver. 6
MS Office 2000 (including FrontPage 2000)

I am using Microsoft Front Page to create my website. I wish to use the instruction 'Open in New Window' and I would like to stipulate the size of the new window. At the moment the new window will open at exactly the same size and position as the existing open window and covers it from view completely.

Is it possible to nominate a size to the new window, and is it possible to instruct the window to be opened offset from a prevously opened window?

Regards to all.

  Compassion 22:52 08 Jul 05

I'm not sure about using Frontpage, but if you're willing to use Javascript, you can do it that way.

Inside the <head> element of the HTML, you need to put something like this:

<script language="Javascript">
function openNewWindow(URL) {
newWindow =, "new_window_name", "toolbar=no, width=400, height="400" status=no, scrollbars=yes, resize=no, menubar=no");

new_window_name : change this to something appropriate
toolbar : yes/no (whether you want a toolbar)
width & height: change to the size you want
status : yes/no (whether you want a statusbar)
scrollbars : yes/no (the same)
resize : yes/no (whether you want the user to be able to resize it)
menubar : yes/no (guess)

Once you have this code between <head> and </head> on your page, all you have to do is call it when you need it, like this:

Change your link tag, which looks something like this:

[a href="address_of_new_page.html"]Click here to open in new window[/a]

to something like this:

[a href="javascript:openNewWindow('address_of_new_page.html"]Click here to open in new window[/a]
Except you need to use < and > instead of [ and ].

I'm sure there's a simpler way of doing this, but I can't think of one at the moment. Hopefully, somebody else will be able to provide you witha simpler solution!


*(Based on: Jennifer Niederst, Web Design in a Nutshell, 2001, O'Reilly).

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