Open In New Tab Opens In New Window

  Dazed&Confused 06:01 26 Sep 07

When I right click on a link to open a new tab IE7 has recently started opening a new window instead. I'm running Windows XP Pro.

I've checked the settings in Tools/Internet Explorer/Tabs and the box for enable tabbed browsing is checked.

  Miros 06:39 26 Sep 07

Do you mean left click?

Right click for me usually gives options if they are available.

Left click usually opens or operates a link.

Just in case you are confused! the right hand is the hand the majority of people write with :-)

  Stuartli 09:51 26 Sep 07

Seems you might be a bit dazed and confused..:-)

If you right click on a link you do, as you say, get an options menu (as with Firefox). The means to open in a new tab or window is usually available, but Dazed&Confused appears only to be able to open a window rather than a tab.

As he/she states: "When I right click on a link..."

  Miros 13:28 26 Sep 07

"Seems you might be a bit dazed and confused..:-".

I Guess I am! And I'm still confused, as I can only open or operate a link by left clicking it :-(

When I right click I get many options but none will operate or open until I LEFT click. I'm also using IE7 and XP Pro. All I can suggest is Dazed&Confused tries a system recovery or, reinstalling IE7 again.

  Stuartli 16:59 26 Sep 07

Seems you might have your mouse configured for a left hand user...:-)

  Stuartli 17:02 26 Sep 07

No, misunderstood you. You right click to bring up the menu, use the cursor to move up and down it and then left click to select the one you want.

Dazed&Confused's problem is not this point, but the fact that he can only open a window rather than a tab.

  Miros 19:37 26 Sep 07

Have been out with some old school mates, had a couple of scoops, now even more confused.
Was going to answer but better if I leave till tomorrow. :-)

  Dazed&Confused 21:20 26 Sep 07

Thanks for all the answers. To clear up the confusion:

When I right click on a link I get a menu of options that includes "open in new tab" - it isn't greyed out and when I left click on it it opens a new window (which is the option below and I am certain I am not clicking this by mistake).

My mouse is configured for right handed users.

Thanks again


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