Open internet shortcuts in new window ?

  LJC 11:33 15 Oct 04

I have a number of Internet shortcuts on my desktop. When I double click them they use the current internet explorer window. Does anybody know how to get each shortcut to open in its own new window ?

Any help appreciated.

  Graham ® 12:06 15 Oct 04

Not sure, try right click, see if you get the option.

  LJC 12:51 15 Oct 04

Thanks Graham

I have tried all the options on right clicking each icon with out any luck. Perhaps what I am trying to do can not be done ?

  cgh 16:03 15 Oct 04

Had a similar problem yesterday remedied by right clicking on any of the shortcuts on the desktop then clicked on the tpplbar option and then quick launch and that seemed to do the trick. Hope this helps

  LJC 16:08 15 Oct 04

Sorry to be a bit dim, but what is the tpplbar option. I do not see that when I right click on the shortcut ???

  cgh 16:15 15 Oct 04


Sorry toolbar....

  LJC 16:28 15 Oct 04

The short cuts I mean are ones I created on the desktop, not on the quick launch bar. The desktop ones dont have a toolbar, options when I right click on them. Sorry if im am missing something.

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