Open Firefox Link

  websurfowen 17:13 16 Jun 06

Is their anyway i can have a link on my webpage that will open the Firefox browser. Something that you click on that will open the browser

  mgmcc 19:46 16 Jun 06

Any hyperlink on the page will open Firefox if it is the default browser.

...but then presumably you would be viewing the page with Firefox in the first place?

  websurfowen 21:36 16 Jun 06

No, i Know that but, i want people who are using Explorer to change browser and open up firefox or install it

  VoG II 21:42 16 Jun 06

That's naughty. It should be up to the user what browser they use. Tut!

  ade.h 21:42 16 Jun 06

So your website doesn't work with IE, then; is that what you're saying?

  websurfowen 18:16 17 Jun 06

No, it just that i want all the people in my business to use motzilla and not explorer. This is because of securiy. I want the default page to remind them and to allow them to click on the link to open it

  Joe R 19:13 17 Jun 06


I would imagine that Firefox, would fistly, have to be installed on the other users P.C.

  Joe R 19:16 17 Jun 06

sorry meant to add, that if I was using IE, and preffered it, I wouldn't want to install another browser, for visiting one website.

  Arnie 19:19 17 Jun 06

I would think so too. The program has to be downloaded and installed.

In my C:Program files it shows as 18.7MB.

  ade.h 19:22 17 Jun 06

I see; I'm inclined to agree about the security aspect.

As long as Firefox is set as the default browser on all your office PCs, you can further discourage the use of IE by removing its shortcuts from the desktop, Quicklaunch, etc. and deleting its entry from the All Programs menu as well. It's easy to bring it back should you ever need to.

As for webpages; it is possible to create a Javascript "screendoor" that directs visitors to a certain page depending on their browser version, but it's normally an automatic action that is hidden from view. It could probably be adapted though; ask in Webdesign for more info.

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