open acer ferrari 3400

  stephen0205 21:34 26 Sep 06

i need to know how to open an acer ferrari 3400 so i can up the memory as the second slot is under the back and i cant get it off so if someone could give me a site with a guide to show n
me how to open it myself without taking it to a shop


  dave9782 21:50 26 Sep 06

be carefull, some acer laptops are very fragile! if you dont know what you are doing i suggest getting a technican or some who knows alot about computers to do it for you. Good Luck

  dave9782 21:50 26 Sep 06

sorry technician

  stephen0205 18:38 27 Sep 06

its out of warrenty and i want to open it myself to try it.. get all the screws out even the ones under the stickers and i can go round and unclip the edges but i cant get the center off and i dont want to break it.

please help........

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