oops...just being cheeky

  Andy.F. 19:18 27 Aug 04

nothing to do with computers good folks...I'm beeing cheeky here I know and I apologise.....kids homework....we can't solve it and I thought,,,aye, them clever folks on the forum will know this one....ok..if you can be bothered here it is. using the following numbers only once you must arrive at the number 361. these are the numbers 8 5 6 2 100. sorry for the cheek but let's see if anyone can solve this..... thanks very much..Andy

  Conny 19:27 27 Aug 04

Carol Vordeman!!! LOL

  Andy.F. 19:30 27 Aug 04

Yeah...goodun Conny

  end 19:49 27 Aug 04

will "give it some thought" but arnt kids on holiday at this time:)

or soemone out there may be able to tap into a "brainbox computer" somewhere and get the answer in a fraction of a second::)))

  Andy.F. 19:54 27 Aug 04

aye, the kids are still off south of the border but here in scotland they went back on tuesday...believe it or not it's a question posed in primary school.

  wee eddie 20:32 27 Aug 04

easier to do

  mammak 20:41 27 Aug 04

Aye Andy.F. oor weans went back to school on tuesday,
With that wee sum am glad i have just reading to listen to lol,(P4)
Come on wee eddie get it sorted for the man lol.

  Quiller. 21:15 27 Aug 04


1) 6 squared or power of two = 36

2) the square root of 100 is 10

3) 36 X 10 = 360


5) 3-2 =1

6)360 +1 =361

  Quiller. 21:19 27 Aug 04


8-5 = 3

6 = 6

2-1.00= 1


  woodchip 21:22 27 Aug 04

Too many intellectuals on hear, cannot keep up.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:22 27 Aug 04

*ahem* 'using the following numbers only once' *ahem*

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