oops internet cant be displayed

  musiclady 06:34 10 Sep 11

desktop running windows 7, laptop running windows 7, d-link router.No issues with connection from the mains to the router but issues from router to both desktop and laptop.i am using explorer 9 as my browser, have tried firefox, but still have issues.On both pc's i having to constantly fresh on all web pages,thats any webpage i go on.I have formatted my laptop and still its the same,constantly refreshing and rebooting the web pages

  sharpamat 07:51 10 Sep 11

Without more information there are far two many causes to list.You say the setup is OK up to the router, how has this been checked? I would suggest the following, 1 Back up your systems to avoid andy risk of data loss 2 ensure both systems are fully updated not only from M/soft but the makers sites? 3 Turn off any wirless connections on your route 4 connect each system one at a time by cable to the router. 5 run a speed test and compair what you are getting, compaired with the speed you ISP is providing as per the package you have.

Anything could be causing this, is it all the time or just at set times each day. but untill you find the cause you cannot solve the problem.The main thing is to deal with one system untill its working fine then do the same steps with the other system.

At that stage you can maybe update your post with details of you ISP, supply to you ( landline or Cable )and your ISP also how the systems are connected to the router.

  musiclady 10:44 10 Sep 11

pin to wired pc is 34ms dload speed 10329, upload 723,(tested on namesco)for my laptop it is ping 35,dload 10317,upload 721, thats with my wired connection disconnected, have checked with my net provider if all is ok(talktalk)they say i have good speed, desk top is wired to router,laptop is wireless.Ive even turned off my wi-fi for my mobile fone.I have had this issue for about 3 weeks, talktalk have sent me a new router, but its still the same.

  musiclady 10:45 10 Sep 11

on the 6th speed test i got an error "latency test error"

  sharpamat 18:59 10 Sep 11

I cannot understand how you can test your line speed with wired connection disconnected The fact that this is only a recent problem could relate to anything,Whilst your ISP is Talk Talk normally This comes into your home via a telephone line operated by BT. So it could be the Line or filters-or faulty Modem. BT are updateing lines with their new service.So anything could have caused the problem To me the test figures seem low and no provider will ever addmit to a problem Try a test with BT and see what speed you sould be getting in your area, also if you have a friend in your local area check their speed

  finerty 20:27 10 Sep 11

contact talk talk

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