OnSpeed or Propel with Broadband?

  Phrixos 14:09 17 Feb 08

Anyone out there got any experience with OnSpeed, or Propel, on a slow broadband (1, or 1.5Mb) connection?

Does it improve broadband speeds too? (Surprisingly, while both Onspeed and Propel themselves say yes, the world itself seems silent on the issue.

The buzz seems significantly to favor Propel, but that still leaves me wondering, if it works with broadbant at all, how well--and, more importantly, is it even worth it?


  bluto1 21:43 17 Feb 08

I had On-Speed a few years ago when I was on dial up and it didn't make a big difference for me.
I haven't heard of Propel so no comment there. I've no idea

  bluto1 21:45 17 Feb 08

Sorry, everything's going haywire here. I meant to say that I've no idea what effect On-Speed will have on Broadband, if any.

  MCE2K5 22:04 17 Feb 08

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  dogbreath1 22:29 17 Feb 08

Having tried OnSpeed, I can tell you that it makes a minor difference on Dial Up and absolutely no difference at all (perceived) on Broad Band. ;)

  robgf 01:34 18 Feb 08

I've used Onspeed on my 56K connection (which is quite good), where it didn't make much difference, unless the picture quality was set low.

On my girlfriends computer, also with a 56K connection (but not a very good one), there is a considerable improvement.

On my brothers 2MB broadband connection it made no detectable speed increase and may have been slowing it down slightly, as it takes longer to make the initial connections to individual page components using Onspeed.

Personally I stopped using Onspeed and went back to using the Proxomitron, which can be set to block third party images (mostly adverts) and gives a better speed boost.

  tullie 02:32 18 Feb 08

Dont waste your money

  Phrixos 09:16 18 Feb 08

Thanks for the info, everyone. I'm still listening, in case anyone out there wants to say much different.

  Stuartli 09:35 18 Feb 08

Key in OnSpeed into the Search box above...:-)

  Phrixos 10:33 18 Feb 08

Right. Obviously a bad idea. Pity. Hell will freeze over before cable, or satellite broadband comes to my area.

  Fingees 10:55 18 Feb 08


Hell will freeze over before cable, or satellite broadband comes to my area.

My neighbour had satellite broadband.

It was rubbish speed wise compared to normal BT broadband.

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