dynamikos 16:22 04 Sep 07

Does anybody know if Onspeed actually speeds up internet connection to what they claim?
click here

I use it for a dial up connection on my laptop which is hooked up to my mobile phones modem,this significantly improves the speed(on max accelleration).
I have tried it on broadband connection 2 mb but didnt notice any difference
hope that helps

  dynamikos 17:00 04 Sep 07

I do have a dial up connection and i was worried that it would not be that effective. hmmm, I suppose i'll give them a try.

Thanks The Raven.

  holme 18:02 04 Sep 07

Our experience with OnSpeed on a dial-up connection is that it's worth every penny.

But a bit of understanding may help to explain why results may be better - or worse - than advertised. Basically, OnSpeed works by compressing everything before passing it to or from you (i.e. downloading or uploading) and then decompresses it on arrival.

So if, for example, you're surfing loads of websites, the speed-up can be extraordinary. We've seen as high as x18!

But if the data to be passed is /already/ in a compressed format, then the savings are negligible; indeed you could well get <1.0... By "compressed", I'm referring to, say, a zipped folder, or a JPEG image which does not respond to further compression.

So your working average savings will generally depend on how you use your connection. Surfing, sending plain or HTML emails etc can produce big savings; but if (for example) you download emails with zipped folders or JPEGs attached, then that will drag things right back down again.

On long-term average (2 years use), we never got the 5x saving - more like x3.5 - but IMHO that's still well worth it. We agree with Raven that it's not really worth it for broadband unles by mobile or PDA. HTH.

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