Only my laptop does not connect to the network

  generous88 04:33 21 Jan 11

I am part of a shared network of 5 or 6 people. everything used to be ok for 2 months. but now everywhile my laptop is not able to connect to the network, I have to ask the router owner to reset the router. it starts working again but maybe for 2 or 3 days and sometimes even for just a couple of hours and it's not able to connect again. The other guys have no such a problem. so is there something i should do with my laptop?

  mgmcc 18:20 21 Jan 11

Try deleting the existing wireless "profile" and then go through the procedure to "Connect" again when a new profile will be saved.

  generous88 19:43 21 Jan 11

actually, i've already formatted the C: and installed a new windows copy, and the problem still exists

  mgmcc 22:43 21 Jan 11

See if the router's owner can change the Channel number that it operates on. Routers normally use 6 or 11 as their default so try one of these or, if already using one, try the other. This *WON'T* cause a problem for other users whose adapters will automatically adjust to the different Channel.

  generous88 16:25 22 Jan 11

we tried but unfortunately same problem

  mgmcc 14:36 23 Jan 11

Do any of the others in the network use a USB Wireless Network Adapter? If so, could you borrow one to see if that works reliably, which might establish whether your Laptop's own adapter has developed a fault?


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