Only Boot in Safe Mode

  Kilty 08:48 24 Feb 09

I have a Toshiba laptop running XP, I can only get it to boot into safe mode. Otherwise it tries to boot and goes to a blue screen and I have to re-boot, with the sae effect. Can anyone suggest a cause and maybe a solution?

Thanks in advance for any help given.

  Demora 09:33 24 Feb 09

Are you able to see if there is any message on the blu screen?

This could be a memory problem.


  Kilty 10:02 24 Feb 09

What should I look for on the blue screen to indicate a memory problem?

After reading some other postings I think it could be a problem with the graphics card, would this be displayed on the blue screen?

Thanks for the reply and any more help given.

  birdface 10:23 24 Feb 09

Maybe a system restore to a time when you never had any problems.Or try last good configuration.

  Kilty 10:35 24 Feb 09

Forgive my lack of knowledge, if I do a system restore to last good point, will I lose any files created in the time inbetween?

Thanks again for all replies and help given.

  Demora 10:40 24 Feb 09

Yes could be the gfx card. and maybe the driver for this might need updating. As toshiba seem to use ATI gfx cards (in the past anyway) I had trouble finding an updated driver for our old laptop.

The blue screen dump message and the 000000. numbers ie 7f or whatever.

Also you could go into control panel/administrative tools/event view/system. Could give you some clues.

Its not the best source in the world but its a good stating point.


  brundle 10:44 24 Feb 09

Disable the automatic restart after the blue screen;

click here

Post the stop-code (long number starting 0x) and any driver names listed (usually ending in .sys).

  birdface 10:53 24 Feb 09

Yes you may loose some files so maybe better trying brundle's and Demora's methods.

  brundle 10:57 24 Feb 09

You don't lose your own documents using System Restore.

"When you use System Restore, you can revert to a saved state without losing personal data including Word documents, e-mail settings and messages, and your Internet favorites list. System Restore won't lose any data you have stored in the My Documents, My Pictures, or My Music folders either."

click here

Just to clarify.

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