Only 1 virus scanner?

  timestar 08:45 28 Jan 08

I have a feeling there is not an agreed/definitive answer to this but....

Like most of us I want to remain as safe and virus free as possible. I currently run Esett's security suite (antivirus, anti spyware, firewall). But, I know that many on here and other places, argue that you should run more than one scanner, as even the good ones are not infallible. But on geekstogo they strongly advise only 1 anti virus due to risk of false positives, clashes and so on. What is the "right" answer?

  Technotiger 08:55 28 Jan 08

Only run ONE anti-virus. You can run any number of the other types of security programs, though Firewalls should not be more than two, and even then only if one firewall is of the hardware type (ie built-in to your Router/Modem) and the other is a Software firewall.

  birdface 08:55 28 Jan 08

I anti-virus only.But you can run more anti-spyware programs if you like.

  interzone55 08:56 28 Jan 08

You should only have one virus scanner active at any one time.

This is because AV scanners doing a deep system scan can act a bit like a virus to other scanners.

Running two scanners would be a big strain on resources as well.

If you must have two virus scanners, use one for on access scanning, but a different one for scheduled scans, but don't have both open at the same time.

I must say that all this paranoia about malware drives me nuts. I have AVG free for Anti-Virus, the firewall in my router and Windows defender and I can't remember the last time I had a problem with viruses or spyware.

If you surf in a safe manner, avoid dodgy sites and don't open email attachments that you're not 100% sure about you should be OK.

I have a feeling Gandalf will have something to say on this subject

  €dstowe 09:00 28 Jan 08

It is important to differentiate between anti-virus software and the other more general anti-malware programs such as anti-spyware.

You can run as many general anti-malware programs but it is considered undesirable to have more than one anti-virus installed - for the reasons you state.

It is good practice to have more than one anti-malware program as some of them find nasties that others don't. With anti-virus, you can, if you wish, run on-line scans with programs like Trend A/V.

Be careful not to become over concerned with security. Whilst it is vital to have it installed, it shouldn't take over from your computer doing something more useful.

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