online radio

  Tree3 10:34 25 May 04

can any one set up an online radio station, or not if so is there any legal issues that have to be sorted first, and is there any hosts which will allow you to do it specially

as far as I know, if you transmit anything in the uk, you may need a license. That said, as it's on the net, maybe you don't. The i-pod transmitters that you can use to send music from your pod to car radio for example, are deemed illegal in the uk but you can buy them on the net (and very good they are too!!). I'd check it out first.

  Stuartli 13:31 25 May 04

There are online radio stations that use budding DJs on a regular basis - you have to book ahead.

This is one click here and this is another click here

Help resources:

click here

click here

May be of interest:

click here

There are lots of other similar web pages.

  Tree3 15:05 25 May 04

what about own broadcasting on the net, any one know about that e.g. having a lisence

  pj123 16:09 25 May 04

Just read this in my local paper today. "Four people appeared at the the (local) crown court, charged with conspiracy to run a pirate radio station in the city." Don't know whether the same rules apply to Internet only but it might be worth investigating.

  Chegs ® 16:41 25 May 04

Get JetAudio,it has the ability to "stream" your own music.If you do start your own radio station online,you must satify the RIAA as a few of the stations I listened to have departed due to this organisations insistence on you paying out cash to "copy" the music to your hdd.

  Tree3 18:19 25 May 04

what do i have to do for the riaa to satify them

  Chegs ® 23:33 25 May 04

satify?= satisfy

I'm not sure what needs done,other than cough up a wedge of your cash to avoid being clobbered for copyright infringement.

click here

  computernerdiamnot 00:26 26 May 04

Playing music to the public covers a lot of legal matters.

For every artist you play, you have to pay royalties. I.e could be pence but it soon adds up.

Even to play in public requires a entertainment licence.

If you go to the barbers or hairdressers and they paly a cd they are breaking the law.

Get as much info you can from the radio authority or from a online station.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:27 26 May 04

click here ....these guys have an excellent walk-through and you will be on the air within a few days.


  Stuartli 08:13 26 May 04

That's in one of my links...:-)

Won't be obvious from the basic URLs.

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