Online laptop purchase reliability.

  frybluff 22 Jan 12

Having decided on a particular laptop, I have found it available from the following: Saveonlaptops, Dabbs, BT shop. Have tried John Lewis, Laptopsdirect, Amazon, e-buyer, without much success. My question is this: Of the ones who have what I want, is their after sales service "much of a muchness", or is one better than another (prices are at least similar). Alternatively, can anyone suggest a supplier who is "good" that I may not have thought of. I am thinking of getting Lenovo Z570, with i5, and addition nVidia graphics, preferably 6GB/750GB.

  100andthirty 22 Jan 12

Dabs and BT Shop are one and the same, BT having bought Dabs a couple of years ago. Thus they are big reputable company that'll still be there tomorrow. I know nothing of Saveonlaptops, but struggled on a quick search to find anything bad - which is a good sign. All that said, Lenovo is also a reputable company too and will stand behind their product.

  john bunyan 22 Jan 12

If available from John Lewis, they give a 2 year warranty on laptops. I prefer Toshiba as a brand however.J Lewis lets you order on line and collect from a store - I felt this a good option in case a return was needed( which, so far, it has not!)

  rickf 22 Jan 12

RECENTLY BOUGHT FROM simplyacer and the service was very good at the buying end. Have not had to use customer service yet, fingers crossed, so can't comment on that aspect.

  wiz-king 23 Jan 12

I dont know if its the same cost here

  frybluff 23 Jan 12

Wiz-king. Their list prices are not really economic. Having said that, their site appears to be having problems. I've just been on, trying to clarify a point in the spec., and the Z570 appears to have "disappeared" from the site. Not very encouraging!!

  frybluff 25 Jan 12

To partly answer my own question, I have found that, if one asks pre-sales technical questions (eg Spec details) of online suppliers, there tends to be two types of answer: either a "stock" answer - "the manufacturer has not provided that information", or a detailed answer to one's question, including some explanatory info. I know which gives me more confidence to make a purchase!!


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