online gaming mic problem, pls help!

  liquidcactus 06:02 11 Apr 09


i have a problem with my mic where its coming through my speakers n i can hear everything i say etc through my speakers - ppl online have said they cant hear mee but sometimes they will catch a sentence or 2 or they will cop screeching from mee. it also makes a hardcore loud whiney noiZe when i turn it up or move the mic around - i have tried testing it in control panel under sound & audio devices, it sais its working fine but its not..

i have tried another mic n it does the same thing - software issue ? - i thought of trying a set of headphones with a mic on them but nobody i live with has any & i dont wana buy some just to test, because like i said b 4 i think its a software issue....

my golly, any help on this issue would be greatley appreciated as i have very computer savy mates who can fix any other problem ive ever encountered but this one seems to have them stumped aswell !

pleaase help meee ! :D

  harps1h 08:14 11 Apr 09

you are experiencing feedback from your mic. this is because the volume is set too high on the mic or the speakers. that is the reason you get the screeching noise. if you look at your sound card
properties you can adjust the microphone settings there, rather than through windows audio setup.

  liquidcactus 08:30 11 Apr 09

hmm ok, this will sound pretty stupid but how do i access sound card properties ? thanks 4 replying so soon!

  harps1h 08:32 11 Apr 09

first of all you need to discover what your sound card is etc. go to contrlo panel sound and speech and you will discover it there. it may well be onboard.
i cant reply until later as i am off to work

  birdface 09:12 11 Apr 09

You can normally set your sound on Messenger.Tools.Audio and Video set up.And reset your audio on that.

  liquidcactus 09:56 11 Apr 09

omfg i fixed it - just clicked on do not monitor under microphone in record control - bit of trial an error never went astray !

thanx alot for your help anyway hay..its always good 2 see ppl r happy to help others with tech diff.


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