Online Form complete then print

  tims31 21:22 13 Mar 06

Hi all, need some help.

Is there a way to complete a form online and then have the whole form when completed sent to an email address as in so it can be printed out and viewed the same as when on a web page. I know how to do it so just the items completed in the text boxes is sent but not sure about the whole form.

Any help would be appreciated


  tims31 21:01 14 Mar 06

Its not for me its for a friend in canada. Its a race entry form which they have in pdf format to download and print but they also want to be able to fill the for in on line and have that form sent as an email to the race organiser who will then print off the entry forms for use on race day for the lower portion to be filled in by a race scruitineer.

Hope that explains it

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