Online electricity bill.

  Bald Eagle 11:41 29 Aug 06

This is the email response I got when I complained I could no longer download my bills.

Hello xxxxxxx and thank you for your email.
I am sorry you have not been able to view your bill. We currently have a problem with Adobe V7 and Internet Explorer 6. We are speaking to Microsoft to find a resolution as soon as we can.

I'm running XP and now get a popup blocker when I try to download the bills.I tell it to carry on and get a splash screen with the file transfer graphics for about 30 seconds. Another screen then appears to say that the file downloader site is either down or unobtainable.I had no problems with Adobe5, is it possible to get a copy from somewhere on the internet?

  Stuartli 11:44 29 Aug 06

Although I have Adobe Reader7 installed, my default is Foxit (small download):

click here

Might be worth trying it.

  spuds 11:59 29 Aug 06

We are constantly being told to use the internet for on-line billing, yet some companies still seem to be having difficulties in providing a trouble-free service. Recently I had cause to complain to Barclays Bank about downloading statements from their site. Fair dues to them, they soon replied stating that they knew about the problem, and they were taking steps to correct the problem. This they did, and I have had no problems after my complaint and concern.

Would suggest that you keep records of 'non-event' and take appropriate steps, because if payments are delayed, the (in my case) bank's try to insist that you should keep constant billing and account checks, and use other means of payment or verification where required.

  bellababy 12:02 29 Aug 06

For a while now I have had a problem downloading PDF files using Adobe. As it happens I have just this morning downloaded Foxit which worked straight away.

  Trackrat 12:52 29 Aug 06

You can get Version 5 from here.

click here

  woodchip 12:55 29 Aug 06

Foxit click here

  Bald Eagle 16:47 29 Aug 06

Downloading Foxit as I type this. How do I make it my default reader?


  woodchip 17:29 29 Aug 06

Remove Adobe Reader from Add Remove you do not need it

  Stuartli 17:30 29 Aug 06

It should have been done automatically from Help.

If not check the box.

  Stuartli 17:31 29 Aug 06

As I stated at 11.44 although I do have Adobe Reader7, Foxit is my default - I keep Adobe just in case...:-)

  Bald Eagle 18:02 29 Aug 06

Stuartli, just what you said, a box opened for making it default. Off to my electricity website. Fingers crossed!


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