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  lozzer2 12:56 09 Oct 08

hello peeps,

apologies if this has been asked before, but i couldn't find anything!!

i currently have AVG free on my PC, which is perhaps a little beside the matter what AV i have, i've never entirely trusted one program with my security- hence every so often, i like to do an online scan. however, ever since i have been using firefox, the only one that seems to work is trend micro's housecall. can anyone recommend any others? i used to use bitdefender, panda, and etrust as when i was still using IE - but they don't work anymore!! (or have i missed something...). don't want to go back to IE7, it has the awful tendency of buggering up my computer... :-P

any advice is much appreciated!!! :)
lorraine x

  Rahere 13:25 09 Oct 08

Hi lozzer2

Have you tried Kaspersky online scanner this works for me using Firefox 3.03

click here

just check and TrendMicro says it does too

click here

hopefully these will work

otherwise try DrWeb CureIT which is a stand alone virus scan for download fresh copy each time 10Mb
click here

I also use Free Comodo Firewall which has Defense+ with some AV protection too - think they are about to launch a internet security suite too.

  kalignorgna 13:30 09 Oct 08

just to point out that bitdefender only works on IE6 + and also that even though u have installed FF u will still have IE on ur system unless u actively uninstalled it

  lozzer2 14:24 09 Oct 08

...more or less gave up on IE, so i've uninstalled as much of it as Windows will let me. had loads of problems when i tried installing IE7, that not even uninstalling it and going back to IE6 would cure!! i've consequently avoided anything to do with it like the plague...

anyway, thanks for the responses so far. i'll give those a go! :)

  Rahere 14:35 09 Oct 08

Good luck - You still need to keep IE6/7 up to date as it's linked to many programs you might not expect.....deep rooted that IE

  tullie 14:42 09 Oct 08

Theres nothing wrong with Avast or AVG,if you dont trust either then you cant trust anything,why dont you trust them?Millions do

  lozzer2 15:15 09 Oct 08

..easy. having worked in quality control, i know for a fact that nobody's perfect!! what one person might miss, someone else with a fresh pair of eyes might pick up. i look at AV in the same way (and i have found in the past that this approach hasn't failed me). let's face it, if any one program was ABSOLUTELY perfect, and picked up EVERYTHING (bearing in mind how on the ball the software update system is versus new threats for each program), there wouldn't be hordes of people with so many different opinions on a whole horde of programs! :-P ;) it makes me feel more secure that i can at least get a second opinion :)

  Rahere 15:28 09 Oct 08

Agree with you lozzer, nothing like a double check that everything is clean :o)

Personally use Free Comodo Firewall which has Defense+ with some AV protection, A squared, Spybot S&D, and Malwarebytes anit-Malware for on demand scanning. Plus hardened browser using Spybot's Immunise function, and Javacool's Spyware Blaster.

I scan monthly using online Kaspersky too. Maybe I'm paranoid!

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