One of my screens is flickering

  ollieparsons 20 Jul 13

I just installed a monitor splitter cable into my PC'c monitor output socket, I have my monitor & my TV plugged into the splitter. 2 problems - my monitor flickers (rapid white pulsations running up & down the image) & also I have to plug the TV into the splitter followed by the monitor so the desktop fits the the TV screen properly. Could somebody please recommend a way of not having to plug things in separately & also how to stop the flickering, thanks.

  Chronos the 2nd 20 Jul 13

A splitter is not really the way to go. Do you only have one connection on your graphics card?

Try fitting the splitter to the graphics (GPU) card but you really should have two separate connections, one to the monitor and a second one to the TV.

What is your GPU?

  ollieparsons 20 Jul 13

it says it's an Intel HD with 1760MB of RAM, if that helps

  BRYNIT 20 Jul 13

A splitter from one output on the GPU card will only work if you are using two monitors with the same resolutions. It sound like the TV and Monitor are using two different resolutions causing a conflict.

If your computer has a HDMI out put and your TV has an HDMI in put connect your TV to your computer via HDMI cable.

  Chronos the 2nd 21 Jul 13

What make/model is your PC as it looks like you have an on-board graphics rather than a separate or dedicated graphics card. So we need to find out what connections you have before we can help.


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