one laptop will not connect to belkin

  andy63walsh 18 Dec 12

I cannot connect to the belkin F6D4630-4-V2 via my old laptop, it has xp on it. I have removed the existing preferred networks, changed the router to 'security mode' disabled (in case security errors) still no luck

  sunnystaines 18 Dec 12

have you tried the belkin helpline they are very good.

  andy63walsh 18 Dec 12

also a message comes up when I do the repair wireless co......: Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed: Connecting to the wireless network...For assistance, contact the person who manages your network.

  andy63walsh 18 Dec 12

i don't want the helpline as they can ruin all the other connections I have and the router works fine.

  Secret-Squirrel 18 Dec 12

"I cannot connect"

What happens exactly Andy? There are lots of possible causes for your problem so it will help (and save time)if you start by giving us step-by-step details on what you're doing and what the end result is.

  andy63walsh 18 Dec 12

it just will not connect, I even made the security less to 64 bit and even no security. I even changed the name of the router to fing the new name?

  Secret-Squirrel 18 Dec 12

OK, I'll try a different approach. When you "View Available Wireless Networks", do you see your wireless network name? If not, then do you see any others (such as your neighbour's)? If you get a message saying that none could be found, and you're using a built-in wireless adapter, then make sure it's switched on.

Or are you saying that you can establish a wireless connection but you're unable to get an Internet connection?

  andy63walsh 18 Dec 12

I see the name of mine ok. Wireless is def switched on, when I log into router on my desktop and change the name the laptop even picks up the new name, so def finding the router

  andy63walsh 23 Dec 12

i plugged it in direct, worked perfect, but as soon as I try wireless no luck. by the way it is an old HP pavillion zd7000 on xp home edition.


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