This is one hell of a forum

  mark e 00:34 19 Oct 03

I would like to say you all do a fantasic job.

Keep up the good work.


  VoG II 00:36 19 Oct 03

Yep. One heck of a forum. In fact, I think, one of a kind.

  powerless 00:36 19 Oct 03


I'll pass your comments onto everyone at HQ.

  Djohn 00:37 19 Oct 03

Yep! :o)

  Jack D 00:45 19 Oct 03

Yes indeed! Careful use of the delete and lock buttons keep it sterile (as well as humourless).

  Djohn 01:18 19 Oct 03

I wouldn't say that PCA have no sense of humour, They let me, VoG and Powerless in! :o)

  User-312386 01:28 19 Oct 03

even had a bigger sense of humour letting me in

  Forum Editor 01:29 19 Oct 03


"I'll pass your comments onto everyone at HQ"

What's that all about then? Have you joined the staff without me knowing?

Thank you very much mark e.

  User-312386 01:45 19 Oct 03

now now FE

Making powerless look rather small aren't we

  powerless 01:45 19 Oct 03


...Hey i can hope that one, just one day i'll get the call from PCA.

Oh yes, i will answer...

  Forum Editor 01:51 19 Oct 03

The fact about humour is that it's a personal thing - what one person thinks is hilarious won't even raise a smile from another.

Over the life of the forum I've learnt many things, and one of them is that if I leave a humorous post in a thread it will rapidly be joined by another one, and another and so on. Soon there'll be twenty or thirty 'humorous' posts, and they'll exhibit a tendency to move down the taste scale.

Next, I'll start receiving emails - "I thought this was a serious computer forum"

Then I'll delete the offending posts, or close the thread.

Then I'll receive more emails - "What's the matter FE, had a sense of humour failure?"

Then a thread will appear, entitled "Who deleted my post!!!!!!" and a message - "Isn't it sad when we can't have a little light relief and harmless humour...." etc. etc.

You can't win. There are plenty of occasions when the atmosphere lightens up - usually late at night, and usually it's a few exchanges between a few forum members. That's OK, but when things are busy there's no time for it. If you need urgent computer help the last thing you want to see is a thread full of people larking about - there are lots of other forums where that happens all the time, and those are the places to go if you want humorous (and often banal) chat.

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