One folder has moved inside another

  Diemmess 06 Jun 11

Suddenly failed to find a large folder of Word documents.

Search discovered the original folder inside a minor folder on the same partition of the master HD. The folder is complete with several sub folder also OK.

During my search I noticed (using My Computer)that when listing a drive or folder, most of the titles of folders and some files seem dimmed almost out though they can be opened.

Using XP pro SP3 everything up to date as far as I know

Cut and paste still work, but the odd fading of most but not every item in lists and the inexplicable cause of this ... worry me a lot!

  lotvic 06 Jun 11

Make a backup copy of your documents - quick :)

I have no idea why that fading and moving should happen, will see if I can find out anything.

  Nontek 06 Jun 11

Faded folders/files usually mean that Hide Folders/files in Control Panel>Folder Options is enabled.

  lotvic 06 Jun 11

I wonder if somehow the folder properties have changed to 'Hidden' and you have got the 'show hidden folders' ticked in Folder Options. That would show the hidden folders as dimmed.

  Diemmess 07 Jun 11

Both problems, the folder that moved and the dimmed icons have been corrected- D.G. Cause? Overload of brain, trying to keep too many projects running at once. Probably clicked on that Word folder instead of something else and moved it. Yes I had everything backed up, but feared some hardware fault was brewing

The dimming? I think lotvic was right because at one stage I did find trusted Corel Draw files opening as "read only" and probably over-did the cure. I was able to correct this in batches of files and folders only affecting one data partition.


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