One for the electronics department.

  bumpkin 14:18 18 Oct 16

I have an external sata usb caddy that I wish to fit internally. Just the circuit board, not the enclosure. I can connect it to a usb port on the mobo. It has its own power supply which connects via a PS2 port so I need to make a suitable adapter to power it from my PSU if possible.

Testing the output from its own transformer in order to make a cable I get reading of 12v and 5v both negative i.e. -12/-5 how can this be?

  bumpkin 14:21 18 Oct 16

My concern is that if I connect it via a molex then it will get pos voltage and not work or damage something.

  alanrwood 16:47 18 Oct 16

Why would you want to do that. Can't you just connect the drive to an internal SATA.

  Forum Editor 17:14 18 Oct 16



  bumpkin 17:43 18 Oct 16

Can't you just connect the drive to an internal SATA

If I had a spare one then yes but I don't hence my asking.

  alanrwood 18:36 18 Oct 16

OK that is as good a reason as any.

Would this help.

click here

  bumpkin 19:01 18 Oct 16

thanks alan. It looks like a PCIEX16 card which would be the ideal answer if it is.

  bumpkin 19:14 18 Oct 16

Looks like its not viewing it again.

  bumpkin 19:17 18 Oct 16

I have 3No PCIEX1 slots and 1No PCIEX16 available if there is anything else similar.

  bumpkin 19:20 18 Oct 16

And 19 pin USB 3.

  bumpkin 19:23 18 Oct 16

Motherboard is ASUS H81M-PLUS if that clarifies things a bit.

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