onboard sound and fitting a saound card

  acein1 12:27 06 Apr 08

hi my system has onboard sound,???is there any reason why i cannot fit a seperate soundcard, and would i benifit from doing so please many thanks

  Pine Man 14:57 06 Apr 08

Unless you have a laptop the answer is yes you can fit a sound card and disable the onboard sound in BIOS.

Will you benefit? Certainly you would expect an improvement in sound but a lot depends on what sort of speakers you have got and what programs you use that involve sound.

  acein1 16:50 06 Apr 08

thanks for your help

  kindly 18:43 06 Apr 08

I put a sound card in my sons comp when he had onboard sound. I never changed the bios and it worked ok. The card is 5.1 and he connects using speakers that were about £20. The card was only £15 at a computer fair.

  acein1 20:31 06 Apr 08

kindly. thanks for the tip

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