The Omega drivers

  Jaro 11:16 03 Jul 05

Hi i was just wandering are The Omega drivers beter than the original ati drivers? if yes can anybody explain why ? thank you

  CurlyWhirly 12:25 03 Jul 05

I think that the Omega drivers are BETA drivers which *may* possibly offer better games performance but as they are BETA are not as stable as 'normal' ATI drivers.
I think this is right?

  rubella 15:15 03 Jul 05

The Omega drivers come bundled with tools for overclocking your card. Often they will allow you special abilities like – if you had the correct 256bit 9800se card you could run it as a 9800pro [there’s a bunch of others too]. They are not the best drivers to use if you are one of those people interested in impressing people you don’t like with your benchmarks, but they are designed to offer an improved ‘real world’ gaming experience. I can’t fault them.

Rating – peachy

  rubella 15:20 03 Jul 05

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