Olympus FE-190 Digital Camera

  lisa_gedo 12:12 04 May 07

I have downloaded the software for this camera but when i tried to install the camera itself i got the following error message :

The driver installation file for this device is missing a necessary entry. This may be because the INF was written for windows 95 or later.

can anyone help with this....thank you

  MAJ 12:15 04 May 07

Which operating system are you using and which file did you download?

  lisa_gedo 12:19 04 May 07

I use windows Xp and I downloaded the Olympus Master CD which came with the camera.....

When i pluged the camera in and started the new hardware install I was asked to insert the cd that came with it, which, i did, that is when i got the error message

  MAJ 12:31 04 May 07

Apparently the camera is already supported by XP. Try this click here

  lisa_gedo 12:33 04 May 07

I thought that may be the case.....but i've had a problem for a looong time where my pc doesn't want to recognise any hardware attached to it lol

  MAJ 12:35 04 May 07

If that's the case and you have tried the instructions at the link I posted, then the problem might be with your USB ports, lisa_gedo.

  lisa_gedo 12:42 04 May 07

Now that's never been mentioned. i have followed the instructions in ur link but my pc won't recognise the camera...it isn't showing up in 'my computer' at all...

  MAJ 13:10 04 May 07

Do you have any other devices plugged into your USB ports at the moment? Open up Device manager, hold down the Windows Key (it's between the Ctrl and Alt keys) and press the Pause/Break key > Hardware tab > Device Manager button, and see if there are any warning symbols (exclaimation marks) next to the 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers' entry.

  lisa_gedo 13:50 04 May 07

no theres no exclamation marks other than the camera......i only have a mouse plugged into the usb now as my other hardware is no longer recognised by the pc.....

it's strange really because all this only started after the 12mth warranty was up...i didn't take the extended warranty, so it makes u wonder !!

my old pc had a 5yr warranty and i didn't have a single problem with it other than the fan breaking down after 4 years lol

  anchor 13:53 04 May 07

If your USB port is working OK, consider a reader for your xD Picture Card. Some examples here:

click here

I recall having lots of similar problems getting a Fuji camera recognised; a card reader resolved this.

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