Olympus Delay

I've got a olympus c350 zoom.When I press the shutter there is a short delay before it takes a picture,is this just afault with olympus or a settings problem.I'm thinking of buying a Cannon A85 instead.will this be much better?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:34 02 Jan 05

Many digital cameras suffer from this. You will soon get used to it.


  Eargasm 00:35 03 Jan 05

Iv'e got an olympus 350 zoom as well, and mine has a slight delay before taking a picture, it takes a bit of getting used to.

  Completealias 02:25 03 Jan 05

Same here but with a kodax easyshare takes a bit of getting used to but theres nothing wrong with ya camera

  Diemmess 07:43 03 Jan 05

I think you have recognised the least attractive feature of most digital cameras.

Until recently at least, (there may be new exceptions now) the delay goes with the machine!

I believe some of the high end professional models with a 5 figure price tag are better.

If you want a snap of some quick changing scene it is quite a challenge. It teaches the author to anticipate!

What you are asking of the camera is to format and save a ?X? Mb image almost instantly, and even some computers have a delay while that happens.

  Andsome 08:32 03 Jan 05

I think it is also to do with the auto focus mechanism.

  jack 08:36 03 Jan 05

Concur This is the symptom of the digital imaging era. It takes a few milliseconds for the data to collect and transfer.
Some cameras do allow rapid successive frames after the intiial imaging [My Olympus E10 for example will give 4/5 snap-snap-snap shots before it runs out of steam and has to get its breath back so to speak]

Thanks for the info,at leastthere was no delay in getting some pointers,thanks againI had a fuji before this one,which I didn't notice any delay but it was not very solid fell apart when it hit the floor,at least the olympus bounces.

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