olympus C830L pics dark

  johnnyrocker 13:11 15 Dec 05

i have had this faithful old cam for some years.for some time now i find that when uploaded to my pc they invariably have to be brightened using irfanview and increasing the gamma setting or brightness.
the odd thing is that if i send the unedited pics to friends they are fine, have tried viewing in windows,picassa,ulead,irfanview, and cams own program all are the same any ideas please? win xp pro sp2


  pj123 13:33 15 Dec 05

Do you mean when you view them on your monitor?
or when printing them out?

If they are dark on your monitor try adjusting the Brightness and Contrast setting for your monitor.

  johnnyrocker 16:26 15 Dec 05

there is no problem with monitor as when edited with irfanview they are quite viewable, they are also viewable ok on the cams viewer.


  Diemmess 16:45 15 Dec 05

Not at all sure that this is a valid answer to your question, but have you inadvertantly changed the menu settings in the camera so that a slightly "shorter exposure" is now the default?

  pj123 16:48 15 Dec 05

You are contradicting yourself here.

When you edit them in Irfanview of course they are viewable, that's why you edited them.

You also say "they are also viewable ok on the cams viewer" now. But your original post said "and cams own program all are the same" implying that they are only dark on your computer but not on anyone else's computer.

Still look's to me that it is your setup that is causing the problem.

  johnnyrocker 16:57 15 Dec 05

sorry if it was not clear in the first post when i said the cams own program i was referring to camedia which downloads the pics from the cam and they are dark even there as well as all the other pc viewers i tried.

diemmess thanks but why are they ok if i send unedited to people?


  pj123 17:31 15 Dec 05

johnnyrocker I would assume that what you are saying is that they only appear dark on your computer. Everyone else's computer they show up fine.

"diemmess thanks but why are they ok if i send unedited to people"

Because they probably have their monitors set up differently from yours.

Send me one of these pictures via the envelope?

  johnnyrocker 18:28 15 Dec 05

thanks but unable to send via envelope as cant paste into it.


  johnnyrocker 23:15 15 Dec 05

any help from the late late shift?


  johnnyrocker 00:15 16 Dec 05

off to bed now but do hope someone can help if not prob have to buy complete new kit in jan sales


  pj123 11:01 16 Dec 05

Sorry, johnny. I mean't email me first and I will send you an email address to attach a pic to.

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