Olivetti PCS 5130

  GrahamP 16:52 17 Sep 04

Anyone know how to get the top off this thing?


  thms 17:29 17 Sep 04

Didn't know they still made Pcs.

Any way I used to have one many years ago and if I remember rightly there should be 4 screws at the back of the desktop. Remove these and slide the lid towards you. It's a bit of a pain to get back on by the way.

  GrahamP 17:45 17 Sep 04

Many thanks thms.

You're right, they don't. This is pretty ancient.

There are only two screws at the back of this one and they only hold a plastic bezel on so I guess this is a different model.

It has two semicircular tabs one at either side of the case near the front which are hinged and pull out. These clearly disengage the cover from the chassis and should release it but it won't budge. It may just be stuck.

Time to use the force.

  thms 18:07 17 Sep 04


You are right it is coming back to me now.
What you do is standing at the front of the desktop. Release the tabs and turn them away from you. The cover should slide back.

It's still a bugger to put back on though.

  GrahamP 18:21 17 Sep 04

After using a bit of force I found out that the two semicircular tabs need to be turned about 40% towards you ie the left one goes clockwise and the right one goes anticlockwise.

The rear bezel must also be prised off. It's held on by tiny cutouts in the plastic clicking over the tabs formed by semipunchouts in the underside of the chassis. So inserting a screwdriver between the inside of the chassis and the plastic helps once you've got it partially off.

The cover then slides forward.

  thms 18:27 17 Sep 04

Oh well glad to see you've managed to get it off.
Obviously the old memory is not what it was.

  GrahamP 18:36 17 Sep 04

Andrew Oakley's post click here
helped getting the HDD's out.

And this click here
has the motherboard manual.

  GrahamP 18:40 17 Sep 04

Sorry thms. We were out of synch there.

I really appreciate you replying though.

  GrahamP 00:24 19 Sep 04

You don't need to remove the rear bezel to get the cover off.

And thms is right. It is a bugger to get back on.

Definitely a deadend in the evolution of the computer case.

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