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  gangad 08:57 12 Aug 04

It's been a while since I last visited the helproom.

I put a question into the search box which came up with one link that looked promising but it was dated 2002. When I clicked the link I was taken to a page that listed the forums rather than the page I expected.

Can I now not get to the page I wanted? It looked as if it was what I needed!

Thanks for still being here.

  johnnyrocker 09:07 12 Aug 04

why not post your question again as 2 years later the solutions might be very different.


  Djohn 09:32 12 Aug 04

Although a search may bring up your request, the database was altered last year to show only threads from Jan.03. This was to ease the load on the server. Now any searches prior to this date will just take you back to the page listing the forums. j.

  gangad 22:06 12 Aug 04


Don't think so really but will try, thanks.


As I suspected, though didn't know the dates involved, thanks.

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