older pc wont switch off ?

  spike22 15:53 04 Oct 05

Sorry to be vague with thread title - have identified that my fathers pc needed a new psu - have put one in but now pc wont boot up and will not switch off from switch on front - all plugs are in same place as burnt psu removed ie: mother board / hard drive / dvd drive etc.
PC just keeps "beeping" as if trying to boot up.
Also monitor will not come off standby. - Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated if anyone has encountered similar before ??!!

  Yoda Knight 15:56 04 Oct 05

Hmmm, check that you havent accidently dislodged any RAM FOR STARTERS

  De Marcus™ 15:56 04 Oct 05

What motherboard and how many beeps?

  spike22 15:58 04 Oct 05

ram ok will be back with mother board details - just on phone to him

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:58 04 Oct 05
  spike22 16:02 04 Oct 05

de marcus - sorry he cannot find any manuals - the pc is admittedly an old daewoo 641x - with regard to beeps - continual say 3 seconds duration with a three second pause - as if trying to boot up but getting stuck in a loop -
pc will switch off from main switch at back but not from front - thanks also yoda knight

  Gongoozler 16:03 04 Oct 05

Hi spike22. How do you know the ram is ok? In every case of continuous beeping that I have come across, faulty ram was the cause. In one recent case, the ram worked in another computer, but new ram still cured the beeping problem in the failed computer.

  Gongoozler 16:05 04 Oct 05

Hi again spike22. For this pattern of beeps, try resetting the CMOS. If you can't find the link to do this, remove the CMOS battery for a few minutes, then refit it.

  spike22 16:05 04 Oct 05

gongoozler - good point - all i can say is the beeping was there with or without the ram stick inserted - if this was a way of checking - visually looked ok with no burns or damage to any area on surface etc

  spike22 16:07 04 Oct 05

presume the cmos battery is the big watch like one on the mother board ?

  De Marcus™ 16:08 04 Oct 05

Do you know what bios it is, it should flash up quickly as the pc is turned, it could be any of the following for example: AMIbios, AWARD, IBM, Phoenix, etc.

I'd have to agree with gongoozler with long continous beeps, generally ram. However they can also signify problems with the psu or mobo.

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