old sky box

  musiclady 13:41 05 Mar 05

does anyoen know if u can set up an old sky box to freeview

  Stuartli 13:47 05 Mar 05

Do you mean Freeview or Sky's free to view channels?

If the former then the answer is (99.9 per cent certain) no.

  jack 14:22 05 Mar 05

If you mean by'Old Sky Box'the analogue version then it is only fit for the bin.

If you mean the old 'OnDigital' box
Then yes it does and has the card reader too which the current ones did not have until recently.
I was given my one by a disgruntled subscriber when 'ON'went bottom up and he switched to 'Sky'
If ever i get so demented as to want to subscribe to the paid for channels then I believe I am ready to go or be put away.

  Fingees 14:55 05 Mar 05

If you mean old analogue, Bin it.

If you mean Sky digital box, you can obtain a card for £20 one off payment that enables you to get all the free to view cannels from satellite.
The card is warranted for three years and will be updated free as necessary.

  igr 16:13 05 Mar 05

You do not need a card to get the FTA channels.

  Stuartli 17:21 05 Mar 05

An "old" ON/ITVDigital box is not the same as an old Sky box...:-)

Furthermore you don't need the card these days to receive Freeview, but it certainly won't pick up free Sky channels.

This is why I asked if it was using an old Sky box to pick up the channel's free to view service, which is a different kettle of fish to the Freeview terresital digital service.

My "old" Pioneer set top box is still providing excellent Freeview service, the main drawback being that it still uses the (gradually updated) ONDigital EPG rather than the current version for the STPs manufactured since the new service opened.

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