old realplayer icon in control panel

  hugh-265156 22:29 03 Apr 03

how do i remove this in xp please?the program is no longer on my computer.

  Eastender 23:15 03 Apr 03

Tweak UI should do it click here

When down loaded it appears in your control panel.

  Installer. 23:24 03 Apr 03

Just do a search for .cpl and delete the relevant item.

  hugh-265156 23:25 03 Apr 03

any way of doing manualy?bad experience with tweak ui in past.have checked registry current user control panel no sign of it here.

  hugh-265156 23:28 03 Apr 03

have just searched .cpl cant see listing either thanks.

  hugh-265156 02:09 05 Apr 03


  powerless 02:57 05 Apr 03

When you search make sure that you have selected under "More Advanced Options" - "Search System Folders" and "Hidden files and folders".


click here and download "TweakUI" for XP - 563KB.

Install then within TweakUI navigate to > Control Panel > Find realplayer in the list and take the tick out of the box and click ok. The icon will be gone.

  powerless 02:58 05 Apr 03

You can do it manually...

Let me find my notes.

  powerless 03:07 05 Apr 03

If you follow the advanced search options as above thats the manual way.


  hugh-265156 03:32 05 Apr 03

many thanks tried all the above and if didnt work.i have just reinstalled windows a few days ago and have been cleaning out all old software that automatically installed before loading in newer versions.i went ahead and downloaded realone anyway and lo an behold the old realplayer icon disappeared!

  crx16 04:48 05 Apr 03

a way to remove control panel icons (for future ref);

search for control.ini in c\windows, its a notepad file,open it and you'll see

(dont load)



*add your line here* prefscpl.cpl=no for realplayer?

exit and save,i dont have the old RP icon but tried it with desktop theme's (themes.cpl=no) and that worked.click here

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