old printer

  sconedd 14:38 PM 11 Apr 12

I have a Epson Stylus Color 660 Printer that I do not need. Although 14 years old and still works, it has been a good workhorse for me. Is there a organisation that will take this, or do I bin it?. Anybody is quite welcome to it, if someone gets in touch. Many thanks, Sconedd.

  onthelimit1 14:45 PM 11 Apr 12

In my area there is a Freecycle organisation where that sort of thing can be disposed of. Operates in many parts of the country.

  johndrew 15:53 PM 11 Apr 12

In my opinion the printer is not that old and if working would make someone a good accessory. Drivers are available for it up to W7 which makes it viable for pretty much any PC user.

There are several groups that will take it off your hands such as Falcon, but it is quite possible that a local charity shop may also be able to either sell it or donate it.

  onthelimit1 17:27 PM 11 Apr 12

jd - many charity shops are not allowed to take electrical equipment as they have to be checked by a qualified electrician before sale, which is expensive. Bl@@dy elf and safety again!

  KRONOS the First 18:57 PM 11 Apr 12

Good post this as I have a year old HP which is boxed and I myself was wondering how to get rid of it. Forgot all about freecycle.

  sconedd 23:34 PM 11 Apr 12

I would like to thank everybody who gave me advice about my old printer, the Epson Stylus color 660, it was very kind of you. I have decided to give it to a young man down the road, I'm sure it will come in very handy for him. And the problem with having it checked by a qualified electrician, that has been sorted because his dad is time served, so problem and money have been saved. Thank you once again. Sconedd.

  adamesol 09:00 AM 18 May 12

Some body should start a company collection old electrical printers, photocopiers, computers, laptops and other gadgets. I imagine a lot of people just check them out.

  finerty 09:34 AM 18 May 12

what about dot matrix


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