Old PC Upgrade...

  Daveson 23:36 17 Apr 05

Hi there. Here is my situation. I have an Evesham laptop that is the latest spec in fact its a very good laptop BUT... when playing some of the latest games it overheats and to be safe, switches itself off.

SO... sitting in my house i have this really old desktop pc. Not a tower but a flat desktop. Its quite ainchent, i just bought it off my mate for 30 pounds. What are the chances of putting the latest gear into an old mother board ?

i.e a new CPU, GFX, RAM. I dont know what the MB is so i cant give you the exact spec. Or should i just buy a new MB ?

Hmmmm. Any opinions ?

Buying a new pc is out of the question ;0p


  TomJerry 23:44 17 Apr 05

it is not expensive part, the most expensive stuff is graphics card

for the machine that old, there is very very litlle value to upgrade it

if you really want to upgrade, get motherboard, CPU and RAm kit

Sempron 2400 / 256Mb DDR / Motherboard Kit £89.24 click here

Sempron 2800 / 256Mb DDR / Motherboard Kit £112.74 click here

Tested Sempron 3100 / 256Mb DDR / Motherboard Kit £158.55 click here

you need big HDD as well

good g-card cost over £300, but ATI 9800 Pro (£110) should be able to cope most games

also nice 17" game LCD

  Daveson 00:13 18 Apr 05

Ok, i hope that a new motherboard will fit into the case i have. I am wondering if it is an ATX case. I will have to take a peek inside to see what is what. I know that the CPU is encased inside a big block of metal that has the Heatsink built in (this is ainchant !)


  Dumble452 07:36 18 Apr 05

Cases need not be expensive.
click here
I would start from scratch if I were you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:23 18 Apr 05

You would have been better spending the £30 on a laptop cooler click here click here

  961 09:45 18 Apr 05

Fruit Bat is right.

Don't try to upgrade the desktop. It really is the road to nowhere

  Daveson 10:48 18 Apr 05

Ok 961 and Fruitbat. I guess that you are right. I just did a flight on my Flight Sim and everything went ok. I raised the back of the laptop on an angle off the table so that the heat wasnt hitting the table. Seemed to be blowing out coolish air. Didnt melt down.

Will do a couple more flights and see what happens.


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