old pc transfer every thing onto new pc

  jimbojetset69 13 May 12

i am soon building my own pc with the help of a pc shop , iwant to transfer every thing i have on my pc to my new one like photo home moves folders ect i want to put them all on a spare hard drive on my new pc my question is how and please dont give me complicated jargen cause im a noob at this

thank you for your time on my issue

  KRONOS the First 13 May 12

What you need is a hard-drive caddy, something like this: Caddy. But you will have to make sure that you get the right type to suit your hard-drive connection, either the old IDE or the new Sata. I suspect that you will have the IDE. You can actually get a IDE/Sata caddy which might be your best bet, THIS. Pop your hard-drive in the caddy use the usb cable to connect to your new PC then all you have to do is copy the photos etc to the new PC and of course you will have a back up on the old hard-drive. Though it would probably best to,once you have copied the files across you then wipe the old hard-drive clean and then copy all your stuff back to it, and then you will have a nice clean backup.

Another way would be to add your old drive as a slave to the new one then copy across but again if your old drive is IDE and your new motherboard does not have an IDE connection on it,and most of them don't these days,then this will be a problem.

I know it sounds a lot of faffing about but it is not really and you will get plenty of help here.

  natdoor 13 May 12

Note that the Sata/Ide caddy in Chronus' link is for 2.5 inch drives. I suspect that you will need a 3.5 inch version.

  KRONOS the First 14 May 12

Oops so it does. Try this.

  onthelimit1 14 May 12

Why no just use the built-in Windows Easy Transfer - I've used it numerous times, and it's been fine every time. Bear in mind you cannot transfer programmes, only files.


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