Old PC to New PC

  I,Me and Myself 09:08 05 Mar 07

My parents are getting themselves a brand new PC tomorrow.

There is the problem of keeping stuff they need and getting rid of stuff they don't want (as they are thinking of selling the old PC).

Is there a thread anywhere that deals with this or can someone answer a few questions for me.

  recap 09:20 05 Mar 07

There are numerouse ways in which your parents can save their old computers data.

1. USB flash drive, these have come down in price now so you could purchase one for under £15 on the net. click here you can nd 2Gb USB drives for less than £15.

2. External hard drive.

3. Network the two machines and copy the data from one to the other.

4. You could burn the data to CD or DVD.

  I,Me and Myself 10:00 05 Mar 07

Thanks for that. We are waiting for an external hard drive to arrive for ourselves so we could use that, if not, think I will go for the saving to a CD option as I know what I am doing with that.

Outlook express - I am assuming that all the emails will have to be saved onto the CD too?

  recap 10:54 05 Mar 07

click here for backing up Outlook Express

  FatboySlim71 11:17 05 Mar 07

This may be of interest to you. I use Acronis True Image and it is IMO an essential piece of software that every computer owner should have, Acronis is an EXCELLENT piece of software for backing up and restoring your pc when the need arises. I got mine off of Amazon for £23, it definately is well worth it.

Basically with Acronis you can take AN EXACT image/copy of your pc and then when the need arises, you can then restore your pc back to that EXACT same state/condition as when you took the backup, it takes roughly about an hour to fully restore your pc from the backup that Acronis True Image has taken, believe me, when you have a lot of data/programs to put back on to your pc, normally this procedure (without Acronis) would take a couple of days at least to get all the programs etc put back on and then set back up to the way you had them.

click here

click here

  FatboySlim71 11:19 05 Mar 07

If you do purchase Acronis then the external hard drive is the best storage device to use IMO.

  VoG II 11:23 05 Mar 07
  Kate B 11:23 05 Mar 07

If they're migrating from an XP machine to a Vista PC, this looks like a useful gizmo click here

  FatboySlim71 11:23 05 Mar 07

If you do purchase Acronis and have taken a image/backup of the old pc and have restored it to the new pc, then all that you need to do with the old pc is to re install Windows back on to it and this will then wipe off all the data that was on the pc prior to this, so the new owner will then be able to use the computer and will be able to install any programs etc that they are wanting to use.

  Belatucadrus 12:40 05 Mar 07

click here for safely getting rid of stuff if you do decide to sell the old PC.

  I,Me and Myself 14:24 05 Mar 07

Thanks to you all.

They have windows XP Professional on their current PC and will have Vista on their new PC (which is actually in the system - there is no Vista disc).

Does this make any difference to what you have all told me above.

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