Old PC Hesitating

  Halmer 12:31 21 Nov 06

My lad's PC which is getting on but has always sufficed has started to stutter.

I've got rid of unused progs, defragged and checkdisked it and run CC etc.

When you click on favourites for example, it does not come up straight away. In addition when you are pressing the little arrow on favourites to look through them it sometimes just stops and then carries on as though it has stopped to have a think about something.

I've run AVG AV/Anti Malware as well as some others without revealing much. I've also downloaded RegCleaner which found loads but it's still hesitant.

Any ideas please?

It is an old Pentium 2 with 10gb HD and 384 RAM with XP. Not ideal I know but it has always worked until the last few weeks.

He would like the orange Adidas Preditors for Christmas not a new PC. My view is that the PC would offer better VFM but it would be consdirably more expensive!

  Halmer 12:34 21 Nov 06

click here

I wonder if the sheer volume of Windows Updates is beginning to take its toll.

  Belatucadrus 15:22 21 Nov 06

The most obvious way of improving things is to reformat and start from scratch with a brand new Windows installation, but it's time consuming.

There are however a couple of freebies that may be worth checking out.
click here for a nice little app, it removes the backup files and the uninstall entry while leaving the update in place.
Best to make sure all updates are stable and running OK before using it.
click here Advanced WindowsCare Personal.
Also try running MSCONFIG in the start / run box and check that all the processes running are necessary or desirable.

  Halmer 16:06 21 Nov 06

MSCONFIG is already optimised.

The Advanced WindowsCare Personal product seems very aggresive judging by the number of 'errors' that is has found.

Is it safe to use?

  Belatucadrus 16:34 21 Nov 06

I've always found it safe, but there have been a few forum members who've encountered problems. It has a restore centre that should allow you to backtrack if it causes any difficulties.

  wotbus@ 19:23 21 Nov 06

No many people realise that XP needs at least 300mb of RAM to run smoothly! If it's possible put in some more. I do routine stuff on friends PC's who could probably do it themselves but for whatever reason they prefer to run them to a stand-still then ask for my help. It's amazing how many come in with XP and XP Pro installed onto an 850MHz CPU with 128MB of SDRAM. Old horses will never win any races I'm afraid and dose them with EPO/DRUGS (Tweaks/Optimisers/Go Fasters etc) and it usually kills em :-)

  Belatucadrus 19:54 21 Nov 06

I've been running XP on a 1.7 P4 with 256Mb for years and it's fine, I don't agree that 384Mb would be a problem, though extra could indeed be advantageous. I'd sill be more inclined to reformat in this case than get more RAM though.

  wotbus@ 20:21 21 Nov 06

Horses for courses, of course ;-)
click here

  Belatucadrus 23:42 21 Nov 06

click here Ask-Bill.

  woodchip 23:47 21 Nov 06

Sounds like a Memory leak, Or Memory not being freed by a Program

  wotbus@ 11:13 22 Nov 06

Or not enough. Maybe XP will chug along with the minimum specs but one really needs to run applications as well ;-)
In the past I have used Cacheman5 with min spec PC's, to some good effect, but my experience has shown min spec PC's just don't perform with todays apps/games. Worth a try, so
click here but don't overlook the fact that all the extra "tweakies" themselves take up space and resource.

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