Old PC Doesn't Turn On

  SirMetal 20:52 27 Sep 10

Hey guys.

I dug out my old beige box from my closet not long a go.

I figured I'd try and get it working (it stopped working about a year a go).

The problem is that whenever I turn it on, nothing happens on screen. Here are the steps:

1) I press the "on" button.

2) All fans start whirring (CPU & PSU).

3) The little orange light on the motherboard turns on (indicating that there's power, I assume).

4) The PC then makes a "click" noise; not a beep of any sort, just a click.

5) Nothing happens thereafter; nothing appears on screen, no beeping error sounds.

What do you think could be causing this?


Intel Pentium III @ 800MHz.

384MB of PC-100 RAM @ 100MHz.

No HDD; I don't want to go digging for a spare HDD from my closet when I know the problem hasn't been fixed yet; having no HDD shouldn't be causing this problem anyway.

Intel Integrated Graphics (of some sort, I think 4MB shared RAM).

Windows 2000 Professional.

Thanks in advance, ~Callum.

  Nontek 20:55 27 Sep 10

Try replacing the PSU - the lights/fans can still come on, even though the PSU has had its day!

  SirMetal 20:58 27 Sep 10

Thanks for your suggestion; I assumed as much, I just thought I'd double check with you guys before altering anything.

Guess it's back to the closet for this old thing then!

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