Old Laptop Problems

  Demora 10:14 16 May 06


When my other half turned on his laptop this morning it started the usual bootup sequence and then switched off. Windows XP Pro didn't get started properly. A few attempts and still nothing, won't even boot into safe mode.

The notebook in question doesn't have a built in cd or floppy drive. See link below.

click here

I'm wondering just what could have happened in the space of 36 hours since he last used it to check email and use a few web pages. it was shut down properly I'm told.

Any help and I'm sure he'd be grateful.



  Demora 10:16 16 May 06

forgot this bit Oooops

Gateway Solo 3350 notebook pc.

  DieSse 11:29 16 May 06

*I'm wondering just what could have happened*

A fault is what happened - most faults occur at switch off or switch on. It may be a software or a hardware issue.

Can you describe exactly where it switches off.

The first things to look for are fans/temperature problems, and in the case of a notebook, a faulty/discharged battery.

Try taking out the battery (first) - then removing the hard drive and RAM (usually very straightforward) - then refitting them, to clean-up any poor contacts.

It will be next to impossible to start testing without a floppy of CD drive attached

  Demora 11:56 16 May 06

it cuts out at various stages of the boot sequence.

Sometimes I get past the POST and then onto the screen where I can select 'safe mode 'etc BUT now and again it gets to the WinXp screen with the scrolling dots. Then it switches off. Hence I get a message 'windows wasn't shut down properly.

I'll try the removal of battery/Hdd 7 memory etc.

BTW its normally left in the kitchen at the greatest distance from cooking on the kitchen table. So as DH can browse at breakfast. (BTW I won't allow any food drink near my pcs')



  Demora 13:18 16 May 06

Many Thanks DieSse

A few pointers and it soon had me thinking...... After battery removal I noticed that one of the pins was bent. Must have been that because I soon straightened it and had it up and running in no time.

Thanks so much.


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