Old green tick question

  john bunyan 22 Nov 12

I have w7, IE9 When I try to green tick an answer, it will not change colour. I tried to change the PCA site to compatibility view, using tools, compatibility view, but no symbol appeared in the website's bar. I seem to recall that this was a solution. Any views on both issues?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22 Nov 12

Using any ad blockers?

  john bunyan 22 Nov 12

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

Yes, DVT+ , Abine, Easy List.(Latter 2 Via Safety, Tracking protection)

  john bunyan 22 Nov 12

Should have said DNT+. not DVT!!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22 Nov 12

try disabling one at a time and attempt the tick

doubt its DNT though.

  john bunyan 22 Nov 12

Tried disabling each in turn - still no green tick. Can I "Force" "compatibility view" to apply? I cannot seem to get the icon to appear but think it was there recently.(the double W looking one)

  rdave13 22 Nov 12

I seem to remember having a similar problem with IE9. No icon on the address bar. Still on this site I went to tools, compatibility view settings and you can add this site for it to always show in CV. That didn't help so ran IE without add-ons (under system tools) and it worked OK. Can't remember which add-on affected it though.

  john bunyan 23 Nov 12

Thanks for suggestions. Will try them. I usually wait for MS to update IE - is IE 10 out as a main option or as a test option?


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