Old graphics cards - GeForce 3 ti200

  Gary-317224 04:22 05 Nov 05

I had a Geforce 3 ti200 128mb graphics card in my machine. A couple of days ago it went pop!, lucky i had onboard graphics so the pc still works ok but i want to replace the card. I have been looking on ebay but there arent that many so i wanted to widen me search. Am I right in thinking that the ATI Radeon 8500 is the equivelant of the ti200? How much difference does 128mb make over 64? are there any other cards that i could try? My system has an MSI 800L motherboard with sis chipset, AMD xp1900 processor and 512mb ram. It is about 5 yrs old! Any help would be great

  Starfox 04:51 05 Nov 05

Depends what you want to use your pc for but assuming you will have AGP8x have alook at some of these,

click here

click here

Any of those cards should be o.k (again assuming AGP slot)

Or if you fancy going to an ATI card have a look at these

click here

Definately worth going to 128mb,makes quite a difference,maybe even 256mb if you are into games.

Hope this helps.

  Gary-317224 17:44 05 Nov 05

Thanks Starfox. I have now ordered the XFX GeForce 5200 256mb card from Amazon for £38. It should be here next week. Thanks for your advice

  Starfox 17:27 06 Nov 05

Let us all know how it performs.


  The Sack 17:33 06 Nov 05

Not much better than the GF3 at a guess, you should have gone for at least a GeForce 6200

  gudgulf 20:10 06 Nov 05

Don't forget that Johnners was looking for a replacement for a broken card to use on an oldish,medium powered pc,not an upgrade.

A 5200 is exactly that with the added bonus of support for the latest DirectX versions.

  Starfox 23:22 06 Nov 05

gudgulf said -

"Don't forget that Johnners was looking for a replacement for a broken card to use on an oldish,medium powered pc,not an upgrade.

Exactly,at 5 years old there is probably not much point in throwing a lot of cash at that pc,almost at a point where a new base unit would be the better option.Then again Johnners does not say what he uses the pc for,if he is not into gaming or graphics intensive programms then the replacement card he has chosen will probably see the pc to the end of it's useful life.

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