old emails

  1st spring 09:21 20 Oct 09

Is there a way of getting back my old emails I have sent and received? When I am on this site the page keeps shaking sideways. Does yours?

  anchor 09:26 20 Oct 09

Yes, I also have found the pages on this site shaking sideways. This has been happening for a few days, but only on the PCA site.

As nobody had spoken about this, I though it was just me.

  Bagsey 18:43 20 Oct 09

Have a look at this thread.
click here

  Technotiger 19:03 20 Oct 09

No shaky-shaky here, either on Firefox or IE.

I don't think there is any way you can get your emails back.

  Sea Urchin 19:16 20 Oct 09

It rather depends on what you did with your emails - and which email client you used to download them.

If you deleted them from Outlook/Windows Mail etc. you might be able to find them using a recovery program - have a look at Recuva click here

but if you deleted them from your ISP website then as Technotiger says they have probably gone forever.

  1st spring 22:18 20 Oct 09

I deleted them about 3 months ago I wouldn't know what the headings were, just who they were to. I deleted them from Outlook express.

  johnnyrocker 22:23 20 Oct 09

is your deleted files box empty?


  Quiet Life 22:33 20 Oct 09

re jumping screen . Another thread click here

It is caused by the add running behind the page.
It all seems a bit pointless as far as the advertiser is concerned as there is so little visible. It certainly is a pain to viewers .

  Sea Urchin 23:05 20 Oct 09

So you try Recuva as in my above link.

  Sea Urchin 23:06 20 Oct 09

Should br So you could try Recuva as in my above link

  Quiet Life 00:56 21 Oct 09

Out of interest I ran recuva. I regularly empty my deleted e-mail folder and did so again. The scan picked up nothing for this year and all the old files going back many years were shown as unrecoverable. It only showed 125 files and said 85015 were ignored. Either I am missing something or the program is of little use.
Would be interested to know how sea princess XP makes out.
It really has become a minefield to download the program that you want as they show so many other ones first when they move you from the original page.

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