Old email address keeps appearing when I try to sign in

  ponytail 13:49 31 May 15

When I go to sign into my hotmail account my old email address keeps coming up in the signing in section.I never use this email address now or very infrequently.How do I stop it coming up everytime I try to sign in and why has this started to happen

  AroundAgain 15:42 31 May 15

This might be worth a try -

I'm presuming you are seeing your old email address in a drop-down list, or list of options of email address? If so, hover your mouse over the unwanted (old) address and, while it's got blue band over it, press Delete on your keyboard.

I've done this myself in the past to get rid of old options but I may have misunderstood what you are describing.

Please post back to update the outcome :)


  ponytail 16:20 31 May 15

What happens is when I click on the shortcut to my hotmail account my old email address is in the address bar so I have to highlight it and type in the correct address.Have tried the following gone into IE clicked on the cog then internet options then on delete in the browsing section under the general tab and made sure that form data was ticked which it was but problem still exists

  ponytail 16:25 31 May 15

When I click on delete nothing happens what is supposed to happen.The only way to make the email address blue is to run the cursor over it and then right click on it and click on delete but nothing happens the address stays there

  wee eddie 20:20 31 May 15

Log out

  wee eddie 20:21 31 May 15

Delete the Shortcut

  wee eddie 20:22 31 May 15

Reenter Hotmail with your new address

  wee eddie 20:23 31 May 15

Create a new Shortcut

  Ian in Northampton 20:27 31 May 15

ponytail: is there something you aren't telling us in terms of changes you might have made to your PC? First, there were the Skype problems, and now it sounds like this is a new problem? Or is it not?

  ponytail 08:51 01 Jun 15

I sign out everytime and this is not as far as I know not connected to the other problem.I will try deleting the shortcut and sign in from IE

  ponytail 08:56 01 Jun 15

In have just deleted the shortcut and then went into google and entered hotmail.I then clicked on sign in and when it opened my old email address was already entered but the password on there was not acceptable ie incorrect does that make sense to anyone.

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